Using Find My Car Smarter

The app will indicate where you have parked your car, how far away you are from your car, and how long you have parked at that location.

With Dropbox syncing a communal car's location can be shared between a group.

You can also setup automatic parking meter and street sweeping notifications.

How do I set up Find My Car Smarter?


1. Download the "Find My Car Smarter" App. Don't forget to allow the app to "Use your current location".

2. Plug your Find My Car Bluetooth Smarter Device or compatible Bluetooth Smart Device into your car’s cigarette lighter and then pair it to your iPhone. You only need to do this step one time and it takes about 1 minute.

How do I use Find My Car Smarter?

1. Rest easy knowing that you have the Find My Car Smarter App on your phone.

2. Forget where you parked your car.

3. Tap on the "Find My Car" App on your iPhone and allow the map to guide you back to your car.

4. Find your car.


Can't remember where you parked your car?

Don't worry! Your iPhone will AUTOMATICALLY!