Have you ever experienced the frustration of losing your car in giant football field sized parking lots or on unfamiliar streets? We’ve designed an iPhone application that will save you valuable time and the hassle of searching through a sea of parked cars.

There are other apps on the iPhone that will save the location of your car, but they all require you to pull out your phone and launch an app each and every time you park.

The Find My Car Smarter system automatically saves your parking location. There is no fidgeting with your phone every time you park. With the Find My Car Smarter system, your iPhone will automatically remember the last place you parked. The only time you have to launch the app is after you have realized that you have lost your car, not before.


How does Find My Car Smarter Work?


Find My Car Smarter uses a new technology called Bluetooth Smart.

When you start your car, the Find My Car Smarter App wirelessly connects to the Find My Car Smarter Device. After parking, your engine and the Find My Car Smarter Device, powered by your cigarette lighter, turn off. The App realizes that your car is parked and then activates the GPS on your iPhone momentarily to save your car's location. If you lose your car, simply launch the app and it will help you navigate your way back by showing you your current location and the location of where you last parked your car.

Bluetooth Smart is supported for all iPhone models starting with iPhone 4S.

Can't remember where you parked your car?

Don't worry! Your iPhone will AUTOMATICALLY!